Who We Are

We are a small IT Services company who are passionate about providing services to our clients to ensure their IT requirements are addressed, adequately. We are driven by our customer satisfaction and when our customers tell us the difference our IT Services made to their organization. Our credentials and experience is validated primarily through customer satisfaction.

Why Virisio

We aim to provide a one stop for IT Service to suit the needs of small and medium sized organisations, whilst customizing our solutions to the needs and requirements of the organization, IT Services without compromising on quality.

Cloud Solutions

With increasing popularity of Office 365, primarily due to businesses driving their costs down, Microsoft provide a variety of options to customize the business needs of an organization. Our cloud solutions add value to ensuring information is backed up, as per the organizational needs.


We are experienced in implementing a telephony solution for your business using recent advancements in technology that is not only cost effective, but also drive down, and in most cases, eliminate traditional costs and charges associated with a telephone line.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Most businesses require data protection and disaster recovery plan in place. One way to appreciate the need for this would be to experience a period of system down time, the disruption to operational activity of business, loss of income. Well. You get the picture. Our engineers are skilled in assessing your business organization and customize a business recovery solution to help mitigate these risks, freeing your time to do what you do best.


Bespoke Project

We realise, there will be instances when you may want to implement a one-off solution whereby you might require specialist input for such a project. Our engineers have experience of such projects ,should you have the requirement.


IT networks interact with other IT networks, be it internal (within the organization) or external, generating the need for robust and secure connections. This is our bread and butter. We have implemented IT Networks for our customers so that they get the best out of their network.


Increasing, internet security is becoming vital, no matter how big or small the organization is. At the end of the day, it isn’t the size of the organization but the security measures put in place that ensure the organization is protected against fraudulent and unauthorized activities, such as hacking. We have discovered over time, that these measures should be assessed frequently to make sure they are up to date, relevant and effective.


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